About Mandi

Mandi is immensely passionate about working with multiple platforms of media. She has been a radio host for two years, editor for web, print and television and radio broadcast for approximately three years.  She is an experienced traveler with a curiosity for telling other's stories and connecting with people.

Over the years, her work has been featured on kiro7.com, PULSE Magazine, Northwest Travel and Life881theburg.com and warm106.9.com.

She has produced several award-winning blogs over the years and most recently, a finalists for her founding podcast, PULSE Radio, from the Society of Professional Journalist (SPJ).

Mandi, gaffer for short film

Mandi on-set as lighting & sound

Grad CWU 2017

PULSE editors at Gallery One

Me and Bishop Briggs, Bumbershoot 2016

Burgstock Concert 2015

Fitness Photo Shoot, PULSE Magazine

Seattle Pacific Center 2016

Sunny Days

PULSE Editors go to San Francisco

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