On-air radio & podcasts


Mandi started her radio career as a volunteer on-air DJ in 2015 at KCWU, 88.1 "The 'Burg" at Central Washington University, a nationally-awarded college radio station.

There, she was known as Hollyhock Jukebox on her 2-hr music show, Indie Inspiration, featuring new local indie music and sharing her passion for emerging indie-inspired artists.

She also has been a sports highlight reel producer, talk-show host on PULSE Radio, a 1-hour talk show and Burgstock, battle-of-the-bands artists submission committee coordinator.

Indie Inspirations

In addition to volunteering over 600+ hours, she simultaneously interviewed artists and musicians for radio and podcasting, personally reaching out to artists who were changing the sound of "indie" music. 

Featuring artists include, shadowy indie-soul singer, Bishop Briggs, electro-pop duo, MSMR, indie-folk sister trio, Joseph, and synth-pop producer, Zak Waters of Pretty Sister, to name a few. 

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Talk Shows
PULSE Radio is an original talk show-turned-podcast channel associated with PULSE magazine, created, hosted and edited by Mandi Ringgenberg. Each show is dedicated to interviewing writers on their latest articles, including guests who were interviewed for the magazine. Topics include lack of women in the film industry, the struggles of being LGBT during the holidays, discrimination and more.

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Northwest Travel Magazine


Northwest Travel and Lifestyle Podcast channel is an original series, created and edited by Mandi Ringgenberg.

Podcasts are storytelling about selected articles in the magazine, including an interview with Scot Keller, museum curator at the LeMay-America's Car Museum in Tacoma, WA, sharing the history of different models of vehicles on display at their facility. 

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