Earning Respect is Worth It

In Seth Godin's highly-acclaimed book, "Linchpin", he shares in how to obtain or become a linchpin and specifically, how to thrive as one in the workplace. When working at your job--where your boss may or may not decline your creative ideas--it is still up to you to keep charging on with more ideas and more suggestions.

But approaching these ideas with certainty doesn't mean you should automatically assume respect from the recipient.

As Godin explains: " You don't start with the confidence of the company; you earn it."

Your idea is probably brilliant and will impact the work place greatly, but don't assume that they are the most brilliant idea your boss has ever heard. All too often we see in school or at our job, that one or two persons that assume the respect from their workplace and fellow employees or students. The confidence turns into presumption, which turns into narcissism.

I like to keep in mind the easily remembered phrase, "don't assume, because you just end up making an ass out of u-and-me."

Come up with those brilliant ideas and continue being a Linchpin. Press-on when your idea (s) gets accepted or not and don't let that shut your mind down from creating more (original) ideas. At the end of the day, it is up to the artist or Linchpin, the creative and reliable one, to keep giving because they love to, not because they assume their audience will automatically love their work.

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