Cutting Corners

Do it often, when the time is right. And no, I don't mean those corners.

Find and carve out a corner that's just your space; sit down and enjoy your surroundings.

I've always loved corners--corners in the brownie pan, corners of a square pizza, or spotting the prime corner booth in a restaurant or coffee shop. To me, the corner embodies having a spot that is my own comfort zone to sit down and enjoy my surroundings.

Why the corner spot?

We are so used to oncoming ciaos being thrown at us from all directions, everyday. Our minds are constantly on guard, waiting for the next problem to be tossed our way. Locations with corners have a reassurance that you only will be expecting company from one or two sides of you, rather than being approached from 360 degrees.

I love finding corners because then I know I can get the most work done. And this is no disrespect to the waitstaff, but if your back is to the wall, it's one less direction in which your expecting company.

In a way, it eases your mind.

Finding a corner can bring a small piece of mind.

Often we hear the phrase, "I have eyes in the back of my head", one that rings all to true for some of us (raises my hand). Sitting in a corner booth in a coffee shop, study hall, or restaurant allows those second pair of eyes to take a rest and maybe it will allow us to give more attention to what is in front of us, rather than anticipating what may be coming.

No corners? No Problem.

If you can't find the corner spot, seek out the window seat! Another common phrase, "the windows are the eyes of the house" is also very much true. Windows broaden your imagination, spark a wave of intuition and curiosity, encourages fingers to the keyboard. As I sit here writing this blog, it's to no surprise I have mounted the bar stool right next to the aisle of windows, eager to finish my writing.

So take the time, sit down, and let your worries float out the window and let the wind carry inspiration toward your mind. The greatest thing we an do for ourselves is clear our minds and let new opportunities present themselves to us.

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