Are You Right For the Job?

A question always on our minds: "Am I right for the job?"

Before answering that, one must answer first: "does that job satisfy, even a singular passion of mine?" Find your passion before answering that question; discover and stick by that 'thing' that wakes you up in the middle of the night and keeps your heart beating with anticipation. It can be as simple as discovering personality traits, skills that have been exercised that bring joy--not just happiness-- to you and keeps you at the ready for the next thing to come.

Once you have that in mind, the work/training and skills comes second. You can train a person to do the job, but if there is no inherent desire or passion for the job, the training may be wasting your bosses time and the company money.

Knowing you passion and standing by it is much easier (and less stressful) to push forward on the things you know and are good at, then to worry about the things you aren't good at (yet).

The most troubling philosophy as an undergraduate college student in America is listening to other voices when it comes to following your passion. From the first to the last year, people will be giving you ideas on what to major in, what skills to obtain, clubs to join, classes you should take. Being confident in a passion and sticking by it, regardless of how the outside sources may sway your decision, is a rather tough cycle. But with every task, there is a reason. With every degree choice, there is a motive or purpose.

The trick is to never give up on that small (or loud) voice inside our heads, suggesting which direction to take. Guilt lives inside all of us and it's under our own doings.

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