How to 'start' college and find a degree

Recently, I came to the conclusion that writing about the college process has become more evident. It seemed important to write more about after having many, many discussions with my peers and close friends and colleagues about future expectations post-graduation. This pressure made me reflect on my whole college experience and the amount of person growth I've experienced over the past few years.

I am a soon-to-be undergraduate graduate and feel the pressure to commit to a 9-to-5 job, or at least full-time job after college, my degree can really impact my future. And honestly, my Linkedin account has experienced more activity than my Facebook account for that particular reason.

But as much as I extremely anticipate my future, I know my past was is as rich in experiences as I hope my future to be. This is where the idea was born of starting a college blog series; how to start college, picking a major, creating networks of contacts, extra-curricular en devours, and of course, the immediate important of mental health during the college experience.

My college start

For myself, I had a unique situation how I picked my college. I chose my college based on my sports scholarship and which one would be the best fit for me. As a student-athlete, I wanted to pick a location that was affordable, but similar to what I was used to, coming from Alaska and loving its type of geographical features. I visited many colleges during my senior year, but none that I could see myself feeling comfortable at.

I have gained a TON of experienced in my career field, acquired life-long friendships, and been included in career-oriented activities like going to conferences in San Francisco and L.A., meeting a Creative Innovator from The Walt Disney Company, whom I now aspire to have a career similar to his. Although four years later, my circumstances of staying at my university are much different, it took a lot of self-growth to find the many reasons why I chose my college and how to continue my experience that best fit my needs.

How to pick you college based on you major

Throughout my four years of undergraduate studies, I have found two main reasons how majority of people pick there colleges. (excluding students with unique or special circumstances, i.e. nontraditional students)

  • Way1: They know exactly the major they want to study, the clubs they want to join, and the job they aspire to acquire falling their graduation (or sooner).

They have a degree they chose, or they have one that was possibly influences upon them. This was my experience; I started as an Exercise Science major, but quickly learned I had no talent or passion for studying chemistry, what the major required. I initial chose a degree I was told I would be good at, and believed I would too, but I wasn't passionate about it, and knew I had to redirect my focus elsewhere.

  • Way 2: They are totally open-minded and take the process as they come.

These particular people waited until they found what worked best for them and didn't pick a major based on other's opinions or suggestions. College is not cheap and student loans get more and more outrageous the farther along we get, so the soon it's possible to pick a major, the easier on the student it will be.

PULSE Magazine editors at ACP in San Francisco

No one right way

There will be plenty of external factors such as financial possibilities, scholarships, how close or far from home your university is, urban versus rural type of settings, and etc. Some chose to go to a community college, then to a four-year university, and that's okay. I am the first in my close family and quite possibly in all my entire family to pick a traditional college route of graduating from high school, then attending all four years at the same university. My reasons for this path will be different from others.

The larger focus is to pick the path best fit for you. The greatest 'advice' I have been told was to live my life the only way I would be most proud of, because throughout life, people will come and go, but you have the ultimate control of where you are in life and what makes you happy. As a student in school and in life, that is the greatest lesson I have learned so far.

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