Indie Music Is Changing Us

The Wooden Sky, Capitol Hill Block Party

I don't think I have to tell people that music can EASILY affect the way we think, how our day goes, distracts us from reading that Interstate exit sign, or can be powerful enough to bring us out of our depressive moments.

This is the affect indie music has on me. And one of the reasons I started my own radio shows centering around indie music: it's reshaping our expectations of the music industry and us as consumers/music lovers.

My radio show, "Indie Inspirations" was a safe-space for any local PNW artists to get recognition. I wanted to promote and spread my love for this sub-genre of music that I have grow profoundly to be so heavily impacted by.

I don't have an on-air radio show any more, but Indie Inspirations still thrives on Spotify with new, seasonal podcast each quarter/season and on SoundCloud, with artist interviews.

I found this dark, inciteful middle ground of artist and talent in the music circle that I wanted to expand upon. Indie is more than a sub-genre, but a group of subterranean artists that don't fit the mold of pop or rock or alternative music, but have a path they set out for themselves and no record label can sway them to fit their mold instead.

My challenge to you if you don't listen to this "kind" of music or generalize it as just "bedroom artists" with no purposeful direction, then do more research, click you "Discover" tab in Spotify, YouTube, or other streaming device. These arttist are everywhere and are shaping the expectations in the music industry every single day.

Indie music fills the cracks that would be soaked with rain water and muck if we didn't have it. It can be anything from Indie-Pop, to Indie-Alternative, to Indie-folk or Electronic.

Need to find some amazing indie-inspired talent, but not sure which Pitchfolk article or NPR Tiny Desk performance to watch first?

Come to Indie Inspired music blog, with new playlists, music reviews, artist interviews, and my own songwriting and creative work.

Have a band I should listen to or add to my playlists? Email me!

For now, here's a new favorite: Available on Indie Inspirations Spring 2k17

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