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Emma Stone in "Anna" by Will Butler

It's something quite refreshing to see music videos take incorporate performing arts, particularly captivating dance numbers or moreover, interpretive dancing. Similar to song writing, interpretive dance is equally mesmerizing and vulnerable, with so much story to tell in little increments of movements. There a just a few music videos released within the past year or two that showcase not just indie artists, but even mainstream and established ones taking the leap and intertwining the artform into their work. There are many creative music videos out there that demonstrate successful collaborations between both art mediums, but heres just five that really showed a unique style in dance, artists intentions, choreography.

Frenship feat. Emily Warren- "Capsize"

The pop-indie-folk duo Frenship partnered with the beautiful singer-songwriter Emily Warren for this dreamy, soulful pop collaboration. The music video is nothing short of mesmerizing, the dance duo walking on water and embracing each other in passion and turmoil.

Dancing movements that put lyrics, "Your silhouette is burned in my memory/ Rubble left from the moment that you left me" into action, cathartically.

The movements are breathtaking, the couple passionately grabbing ahold of each other only until the water engulfs them, embracing each other, together being capsized by the water.

Watch video HERE

Dua Lipa - "New Rules"

"New Rules" is a whirlwind of camera sweeps, sweeping from room-to-room-to-hallway-back to bedroom movements, all the while Lipa and her girl posse (think Beyonce's "Run the World" but more English) comforting her, stopping her from picking up the phone when . Filmed at the cleverly titled The Confidante hotel, the posse act as her moral support during an ill-fitting relationship Lipa struggles to get rid of.

Going from "My love he makes me feel like no body else" to "One: don't pick up the phone/ You know he's only drunk and alone", recognizes the flaws in the relationship and soon doesn't need people helping her recognize them. Filled with bright, Cuban colors, flamingos, and swooping camera movements, "New Rules" sets us up for every dizzying drawbacks in a crap relationship. Split between trying to forget about said relationship and hanging out with a supportive group of gal friends, to being forgiving of the ill-equipped partner, the video spins us into this slumber party, hotel renagade. She no longer draws hearts on steamy bathroom mirrors and becomes the person that makes her own rules.

Released only two weeks ago, her video has already reached over 42 million views and counting.

Watch video HERE

Florence & The Machine- "Queen of Peace" and "Long Lost"

Florence & The Machine- "Queen of Peace" and "Long Lost"

Florence Welch has been a spiritual performer since she first broke into the pop radio waves with her single, "Dog Days Are Over". When her latest album, "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful" came out in 2015, it was a much more intentional, focused and self-reflective concept behind her album. In her music video for each title track, each are chapters in "The Odyssey". Similar to "Lemonade", you can also watch "The Odyssey" in it's full entirety like a short film.

Chapter 5 & 6 are similar narratives in close heartaches from the past haunting the present. Although both songs not side-by-side on the album, both fit well together to compile into one story, or chapter of Welch's life, if you will.

The movements, camera and human, are all so meticulously calculated and intentional it captivates the audience. The story evokes as much pain and redemption as the strength in the singer's voice. This is a Florence her fans hadn't fully seen yet and these chapters fully reflect how she wanted to visually represent the album. A bit long, this music video is rich is story, human art form, interpretive dance, and breathtaking locations.

Watch video HERE

Sia- "The Greatest"

Maddie Ziegler was the poster child and only face to represent Sia's music for a long time. The dance numbers were heavily icon and Ziegler embodied the artist's vision well that she continued to appear in "Elastic Heart" and "Chandelier", which has astonishingly reached over 1.6 billion views on YouTube. Fans can continue to give praise to the child star and brilliant singer-songwriter in another great music video, this time casting a small army of child dancers to contribute to the Sia dance tribe.

Dancing in a cell block, the leading dancer breaks free, breathlessly filled with stamina. Running through hallways, swooping camera movements enter to different rooms filled with barbaric dancing children. The video is quite an undertaking with possibly over 40 young actors-dancers. Strengths lie in the tempting, colorful lighting and taking one step further in what it means to be an interpretive dancer.

Watch video HERE

Will Butler- "Anna"

Will Butler- "Anna"

Using A-list actors in music videos shouldn't be uncommon any more and after seeing Will Butler (Arcade Fire) music video, it's fair to say that it's just fun to see multifaceted actors take on unpredictable projects. Directed by Brantley Gutierrez, the video feels already like a Wes Anderson film and the best part is is Emma Stone as the leading lady. Stone, a money-hungry performer, roams the halls of the ship-hotel. Dressed in a fair white summer dress and bright red lipstick, Anna (Stone) stalks through the ship hallways looking for her next victim to prey on as Butler's low vocals, draws you in and Stone rushes toward you.

Of course after seeing "La La Land", viewers expected Stone to be fresh on familiar with her dancing steps. But "Anna" is a crazy, possibly alter-ego that one can only assume Stone had the utmost fun taking on such a character. Crazy eyes and air-piano solos, this video takes music video cinematography to the next level. Dancing with sailors, the ship captain, and snacking stacks of money, all while demonstrating very similar expressionistic hand movements familiar in Sia's and Welch's music video work.

It's fair to say we see a trend in the last three videos. The commonality: choreographer Ryan Heffington as the brilliant mastermind behind characters: Sia's (Ziegler's) iconic dance numbers, to Florence Welch's storytelling and now Stone's erratic, money-hungry power.

Watch video HERE

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